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Imagine gender as a planet.

All people grow up somewhere on that planet, most in Ladyland or in Manlandia. Lots of people are comfortable where they’re born and stay in that same area their whole  lives. Some people,  though, are citizens of Manlandia but are born in Ladyland. Just like in the real world, you can’t tell someone’s citizenship by looking at them, it’s very personal. As we get older we may want to move to a place where we are more comfortable. 

cisgender If you’re most comfortable in the gender you were assumed at birth, that’s called cisgender. 

transgender Anyone who lives outside their expected gender land, crossing state lines, so to speak, could be said to be transgender. 
There’s a lot more to explore in there, be sure to check out the high-res and zoom about. Everything quoted and attributed is an actual survey response from our ongoing research.
Enjoy and please share any comments/critiques here in the comments (it’s less likely we’ll find it on your own blog, though please do share it there also).
PS- just in case you were not aware, this is part of a 70-page book on gender called, simply, the GENDER book. It is made by a couple of queers in Texas with a lot of help from a big, beautiful community. So try to be kind.
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